Shop Ethica to be apart of something bigger. Together we can save the world & stop climate change.
Shop Ethica to be apart of something bigger. Together we can save the world & stop climate change.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I am on your site and only see merch. Where is the thrift section?

Hi! We sell the secondhand clothing in drops. Please check our instagram or tiktok for the date of our next drop!

Where do you ship?

We ship all across the nation. Hopefully soon we will have international shipping.

How much does shipping normally cost? How long does it take

Typically,  shipping costs $4 and is determined by the carrier. However that does change with  the quantity of items you purchase and your location. We try our best to package our order as soon as we receive notice. They are promptly biked to the post office. Shipping normally takes 2-5 days, however because of Covid to may take longer. We use USPS, and they participate in an eco-friendly shipping program. 

What if the item I order does not fit?

Unfortunately,  there are no returns or exchanges.  This is common policy with thrift stores and non-negotiable. 

Help! I wrote in the wrong address. Can I get a refund?

We are a small business with one of a kind items. Once the package has left our premises we are no longer responsible. If you address it to the wrong address, that is on you and there will be no refund. There are many expenses attached to one order. Please be sure to double check sizing and the address that you input. Thank you for understanding. 

What do you use for packaging?

We use both regular poly mailers and 100% recycled poly mailers from It is up to you to choose.

Do you wash the donations?

Yes. Everything is washed and air dried. Additionally, we handle all the clothing using gloves after they have been washed.

How can I donate?

If you have clothes that no longer bring you joy but have the potential to bring joy to others, please  reach out via insta DM or via the "contact us" section of our website.  We will be getting a PO Box soon.

 If you are located in Seattle, stay tuned. We will post a drop off location soon.  Until then, please reach out!

What are your expectations for donations?

Since our main goal is to see the demise of fast fashion we want items that are in style. These items should no longer bring you joy, but should have the potential to bring joy to another.  

Which items do you accept?

We accept clothing . Please do not send shoes, scarves, etc.

What do you do with the proceeds?

For now, everything is reinvested in the company. There are big plans for what we hope Ethica will become!

What is your typical sizing?

For now, we mostly carry XS - L. We are entirely donation reliant and are very new so have only received donations of that size.